UNITY - Real-Time Development

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TRAINING COURSE – UNITY 2019 - Gamedevelopment

Target Group

This training addresses artists, who want to visualize their ideas in 2D and 3D games without sinking into topics such as programming. But also architects and product designers can use UNITY 3D to provide their products interactively and impressively for various platforms such as PC, MAC and mobile devices. You should have knowledge in a 3D program and the digital image processing. 



Learn the basics for creating your own games in UNITY 3D (free personal or commercial edition). You learn to build scenes, exchange with 3D programs, gameplay, game control and even a bit of scripting in C#. The more time available, the greater the learning success!



  • Differences Personal vs. Commercial Edition
  • User-Interface
  • GameObjects
  • Packages and Prefabs
  • Dealing with Components
  • Import of 3D-Models from CINEMA 4D, Maya & Co.
  • PBR-Materials
  • Exchange with Photoshop, Substance Designer & Co.
  • Skyboxes, Lighting & GI
  • Terrains & Sculpting
  • Vegetation
  • Natural Effects such as water, snow, rain & fire
  • Particles
  • FBX_Workflow
  • Animations, Animators and Controller
  • Creating UIs
  • Tags & Layers
  • Cameras & GameController
  • Lightmapping
  • Physics
  • Gameplay
  • Introduction to C#
  • 2D vs. 3D
  • Produktpresentation
  • Export-Settings
  • XCODE Collaboration for iPhone and iPad
  • VR-Introduction



You can choose between these Training Courses:


  • UNITY 3D - Introduction
  • UNITY 3D - Architect- & Product Visualization
  • UNITY 3D - PreViz, Virtual Production & Filmmaking


Note that the topics proposed are tailored to the needs and desires of the training client. Thus, you and your team get exactly the training you need. 



Training Request

All training contents will be adapted to your individual needs. A free analysis is the basis of a successful learning. Therefore take the chance and feel free to contact us. After a first talk on the phone, we create an individualized plan according to the goals you wish to achieve.


If you are interested in a training by pixeltrain / Helge Maus, you can reach us by phone +43.699.10669979 or email info(at)pixeltrain.de. We will contact you as soon as possible for an informal talk.


Besides the training, we also provide detailed advice on the purchase of the software, consulting and project support during a production.



 The Heretic: Unity GDC 2019 reveal





UNITY 5 is a powerful game engine for Mac and PC. With this engine you can create games and other interactive presentations for various platforms such as desktop (PC, MAc, LINUX), mobile (iOS, Android, Windows), console (PS4, XBOX, WII), Web and also VR (Cardboard, Occulus, ...).

In addition to the paid version, a free, personal edition is available (http://unity3d.com/get-unity).

The introduction to the world of UNITY is very simple and graphically impressive results are possible within a short time.

Trailer GDC 2016