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Come together, learn together in pixeltrain's VFX-Academy!


Most of our trainings are individually designed corporate and on-site trainings. The customer determines the content, which is necessary for the further development of his abilities in the area of 3D, VFX and animation.


However, two times a year, it is Helge Maus who determines which topics and software he would like to teach.


Already weeks and months before, he collects the topics that interests him most and, of course, which he regards most important because of the ongoing developments in the industry. He thinks about the topics again and again until he finally decides on the master plan designed for four days of studying 3D, vfx & animation in pixeltrain's VFX-Academy.


And then we go! Invitations are printed and we are happy to be able to open the doors to pixeltrain's VFX-Academy.



vfx-Academy von und mit Helge Maus

Here are the Facts:

>> Place:


pixeltrain Studio, Florence, IT


>> Your Advantages:


Twice a year, we invite 3D and VFX enthusiasts to the pixeltrain studio for four days of concentrated knowledge transfer.


The advantages result from the classroom feeling. Learning together is fun!


Joint exchange is the focus. This also includes joint evening activities in Florence.



It is a very special holiday week, in which we learn from Helge Maus and his broad knowledge as well as from the different 3D / VFX backgrounds of the participants. And by the way, we also enjoy dolce vita - under the Tuscan sun!



By choosing this kind of training, you definitely lower your costs in comparison to a corporate, on-site training.


What remains:

The broad and deep knowledge and the high quality training skills of the 3D & VFX MasterTrainer Helge Maus.



If you have any questions about our vfx-Academy, or you would like to enjoy dolce vita paired with 3D, VFX & animation, then get in touch with us without any obligation! Helge will be happy to give you Academy dates and topics personally by email or phone (info (at) pixeltrain.de or  ++43 699 10669979).




 vfx-Academy von und mit Helge Maus