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Your 3D/VFX-Training in the pixeltrain Studio


More and more clients are visiting us in the pixeltrain studio here in Vulkanland near Graz, Austria.

In addition to a 20% cost savings, which we would be happy to offer you for choice of going on a trip, there are other advantages for you if you decide to use this type of training.



Here are the facts:

>> Place:


The pixeltrain studio has chosen Florence as its creative center for the upcoming months (spring 2020). We are located in the Tuscan hills south of this international metropolis which is vibrating full of art and culture. So we are happy to open our training studio for our dear guests who would like to learn Houdini, Blender or other individual special topics in 3D, animation & VFX from Helge.


>> Your Advantages:


In pixeltrain studio you find the right ambiance for creativity and freedom of mind. So it is most suitable for having the concentrated tranquility to work together with Helge Maus on your subject areas and absorb all knowledge, you are searching for.

And the advantage that is obvious - besides Helge as your 3D / VFX master trainer: Florence!


We would be happy to pick you up from the airport or train station, organize your ways to and from your accommodation and show you our insights in this great Tuscan city, that we have been able to get so far.



We are looking forward to welcoming you here in Florence! Treat yourself with a piece of dolce vita paired with high-quality and lively knowledge from Helges 3D & VFX forge!



For further information on the organization and the cost savings, please contact us directly

             >> info (at) pixeltrain.de or ++43.699.10669979 



We are looking forward to welcoming you to the pixeltrain studio and
spice up your 3D / VFX training with a touch of holiday flair.