Autodesk Maya Animation

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TRAINING COURSE – Autodesk Maya 2019 Animation & Rigging

Target Group

This training is designed for budding animators and experienced users who have already obtained skills in other 3D software and now want to learn how to animate and how to create riggings in Maya 2019.



Learn the basics of rigging in Maya. Thus you will start to understand how to work with joints, constraints and IK. Animate your character or other scene elements and create striking animations.


  • Rigging tools in Maya 2019
  • Construction of a rig
  • Constraints
  • IK-chains
  • Binding Meshes
  • Maya BlendShapes
  • Facial Animation
  • Lip-Syncing
  • Helper systems
  • Keyframing
  • Animation Techniques
  • NLA in the Trax-Editor
  • Complete animations
  • Rendering of animations


Training Requests

All training contents will be adapted to your individual needs. A free analysis is the basis of a successful learning. Therefore take the chance and feel free to contact us. After a first talk on the phone, we create an individualized plan according to the goals you wish to achieve.

If you are interested in a training by pixeltrain / Helge Maus, you can reach us by phone +43.699.10669979 or email info(at) We will contact you as soon as possible for an informal talk.

Besides the training, we also provide a detailed, free advice before you buy a package, as well as consulting and project support during a production.



Autodesk Maya 2019 is one of the most powerful 3D applications on the market that has been put to prove its incredible amount of features in hundreds of Hollywood films. Many studios worldwide count on Maya as THE modeling and animation package. This contrasts with the complexity of the software, that makes it difficult for beginners or 3D-professionals, who are skilled in the use of other 3D software, to find a real entry.

We help you to learn and to understand Autodesk Maya 2019 and its underlying 3D-thinking from the bottom.